“Let’s take advantage of the open opportunities back home to start businesses and embark on projects that will see us being involved in the rising of our country’s economy,” said Cde Desmond Jafari Chidothi. “We should learn from the countries we are in and take that knowledge back home. We should understand markets and identify new opportunities.”

Mr Chidothi the political commissar of ZANU PF Far East Asia District, was speaking to youths based in Wuhan during the district’s inaugural annual general meeting held on the 25th of May which coincided with Africa Day celebrations. 

The district is made up of young cadres hence youth issues are always on the forefront. Young people all over Africa are hungry for better options and demanding better future hence youth empowerment should be looked at with urgency. It is estimated that about 74 million young people in the world can’t find jobs hence the need for empowering youths to be creators of employment than job seekers. “Don’t study to come back home and look for a job. Acquire skills and bring jobs home.” The national chairperson of ZANU PF, Cde Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri once said.

The general meeting was held at a time the country is undergoing  vigorous economic reforms and hence  requiring all patriots to put hands on deck. Asia is strategic as it is home to one of the world’s greatest economy, China. As such the message during this meeting was about encouraging young people to be patriotic and be involved in issues concerning their country, to defend their country no matter the situation. Young people should be aware of doors that have been opened by the country’s second republic. 

The district’s youth league chairman Cde Takudzwa Majoni urged other youths to set goals, pursue them and to take interest in economic reforms being rolled out back home and grab opportunities. He also said, “There are lots of funds being made available for youths by the government to embark on different projects. There is Tokwe Mukosi Dam which is full of fish. We here have students studying Food Science, we could come together and find ways to preserve the fish and make a source of employment for us and other youths.” 

The new generation of young Africans are now keen and ready to grow. The second republic believes young people are the future and through their aspirations and combined knowledge they will champion the cause of vision 2030.The meeting came just a day before the ZANU PF UK Youth League members had a successful solidarity march in support of President ED Mnangagwa’s economic reforms which seek to catapult Zimbabwe into an upper middle income economy by 2030.  Zimbabwe youths are eager to grow and leaders are being commended for efforts they are putting in addressing youth issues. The new dispensation has shed a new dawn for the young people hence noone should be left out in this fast moving train. ZANU PF FEAD stands on its motto ; “To buttress and strengthen the progressive revolutionary policies and interests of our revolutionary party ZANU PF, through the study and adoption of favourable economic policies in the Asian region that lead our people to total economic independence and prosperity.”

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