Ltn General Rtd Dr Martin Chedondo Meets ZANU PF FEAD Executives

Ltn General Rtd Dr Martin Chedondo Meets ZANU PF FEAD Executives

Melody Zekey Pande, 7/10/2019 Honorable rtd Leutenant General Dr Martin Chedondo meets ZANU PF FEAD executives Honorable rtd Leutenant General Dr Martin Chedondo has met with ZANU PF FEAD executive members in Beijing, Monday, 7th October. Rt Ltn General Martin Chedondo comes in as the new Ambassador of Zimbabwe to China replacing Honorable Ambassador Paul Chikawa. Led by ZANU PF FEAD Chairman, Lawrence Kurundai, the executive members welcomed the Ambassador on behalf of fellow Zimbabweans in China.

The Rt Ltn General vowed to continue working with the people of Zimbabwe taking over from his predecessor. He has assured Zimbabweans that the embassy remains their home therefore everyone should be free to approach them as consular services are there to serve all citizens. After hearing submissions by the executives and the challenges faced by Zimbabweans in China, he promised to do everything possible to address the issues raised. People in diaspora face a lot of challenges that include death and repatriation, sickness, student welfare, mental problems, arrests, documentation and many more. On the business side, there is lack of information on how to go about bringing investors into the country. He also spoke of the long standing relationship between China and Zimbabwe and the FOCAC ideas of working together for mutual benefit. Honorable Ambassador Rtd Ltn General Chedondo was clear on his expectations of Zimbabweans in diaspora particularly in China. ” You should develop business ideas and tap into the Chinese system of entrepreneurship.” He reiterated His Excellence President ED Mnangagwa’s mantra of ‘ Zimbabwe is open for business’. “Let’s grow the economy and be self-sufficient. We want to run away from the ‘bowl seeking syndrome’ of living on borrowed aid.”

He encouraged Zimbabweans to look into various sectors of business and take home projects that empower others back home. Students and graduates were called upon to take up skills and innovative ideas and go and use them in developing Zimbabwe. Taking note of the various skills of the executive members, the Ambassador encouraged citizens to work towards the development of Zimbabwe as the country’s recovery is in the hands of its people. A lot of resolutions were reached and it was of interest to note that the embassy has already started engaging in an out-reach program to meet Zimbabweans in different sectors living in China in a bid to address issues of concern and give awareness on consular services. Many people in the diaspora are not aware of services offered by consulates therefore feel their welfare is not being properly catered for abroad. The outreach will also be on informing people of the various projects back home they can work together and see to fruition.

The honourable Ambassador was moved by the efforts being made by FEAD and encouraged them to be tolerant of one another and not allow political differences divide and cause conflicts among the people. In conclusion he left this challenging question for everyone to ask themselves, ” What are you doing for your community, for your country or for your people?”

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