“Let’s embrace the call made by the national chairperson and begin scouting for possible business opportunities.” These were the remarks made by ZANU PF Far East Asia District’s (ZANU PF FEAD) secretary of Administration during the recently held executive meeting in Beijing. ZANU¬† PF FEAD has made great progress since its inception in 2018.The executive meeting was held weeks after another successful meeting in the city of Wuhan which is home to the youth league chairman, Cde Majoni and many youth league members.¬†

The crucial meeting in Beijing was held to review the operations of the district and pave way for growth as the district has been growing rapidly in terms of registered members. 

Part of ZANUPF FEAD’s motto is …’study and adoption of favourable economic policies in the Asian region that lead our people to total economic Independence and prosperity’. The district is ready to embark on developmental projects back home. FOCAC and the Belt and Road Initiative have paved way for two way cooperation between China and other countries of which Zimbabwe is not exceptional. China through its various initiatives on investing in infrastructure projects and sustainable development, presents an interest to Zimbabwe in its drive towards infrastructure and trade development. ZANU PF FEAD fits in well in this push. It is with this background that FEAD has lined up a number of projects for implementation back home. The district has resolved to put together a group of cadres willing to venture into various projects in their constituences through united efforts. FEAD is blessed with cadres who take community building seriously as many of them are already involved in different sectors which include education, health and social welfare. Through the mantra ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ made by our President, HE Mnangagwa, noone should be left out. As a district it aims at addressing issues of poverty,  gender, peace and unity in line with vision #2030 of social and economic emancipation of Zimbabwe. It also comprises of youth who have acquired education and skills and are ready for action as most   of them return home after graduation. They are being encouraged to learn and adopt as many important knowledge and skills for application back home. 

As young cadres, there is need to move the party forward with love and respect for one another and do away with generation conflicts. Unity will see everything being accomplished. ZANU PF FEAD has zero tolerance to tribalism, factionalism and division. The Chairman of the district Cde Lawrence Kurundai has made this open and clear to everyone. We should always defend the party’s ideology, therefore there is need for visibility and activeness in the various spaces and that’s what ZANUPF FEAD is on to. Social media has taken over and fake news has become a contegious disease spreading every corner, it is upto the young cadres to defend ZANU PF at every platform as we drive to #ED2023.

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