Our currency our all-weather friend: President

Our currency our all-weather friend: President

By Shadreck Gurenje in Mutare

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to respect the nation’s currency by supporting and adding value to it in all transactions.

Speaking at the commissioning of the Sakubva Urban Renewal Project in Mutare, His Excellency President Mnangagwa said as government they are not going back in backing the new Zimbabwean currency and the citizens must accept it and be proud of it for their benefit.

“Whether you like it or not this country must have its own currency. Zimbabweans must be proud to be Zimbabweans you must be proud with your own currency. There is no country that can prosper without its own currency so it is good we introduced our own currency.”Said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa also emphasized that as a nation we must take heed to our SADC member states like Bostwana ,South Africa,Zambia and Mozambique who stick to their currencies in all conditions.

“Isu ngative neyedu mari nyangwe kukatonhora, ngative neyedu. Kukaita nzara ngative neyedu. Tikaita maguta ngative neyedu.Tikarwara ngative neyedu. Tikachata tochata neyedu. Tovaka dzimba nemari yedu”said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa said we are going to build our nation on the basis of our own resources and Zimbabwe is a sovereign state.

President Mnangagwa said every citizen has to be proud of the current Zimbabwean dollar introduced which symbolises nation’s independence and sovereignty.

President Mnangagwa also added that the Presidential input scheme aims to support 1.8million households and additional small grains allocation will be added hence collective efforts in every piece of land in the each corner of the country must be utilized for production.

In line with production for prosperity President said nothing will come without working and Zimbabweans must utilise the land allocated to them and those without are going to benefit as the land audit nears completion.

President Mnangagwa also said government is going to provide food aid both in urban and rural areas.


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