Statement on Machete Wielding Gangs

Statement on Machete Wielding Gangs

By ZANU PF Youth League

The ZANU PF Youth League in its entirety condemns the heinous acts by the machete wielding gangs who have descended on the Mining sector and society at large. Many innocents have fallen victim to the callous act, lives have been lost and a number have been injured by the marauding criminals. It’s is also a matter of concern that some police officers on duty have also fallen victim to these criminals. As a public service gesture, the ZANU (PF) Youth League implores all our structures and the peace loving people of our beloved motherland Zimbabwe to be on alert and share with law enforcement agents any information which may lead to the arrest of the gangs who have caused havoc in our peaceful society.

In light of this unfortunate wave of criminality, the ZANU PF Youth League applauds the current efforts by the Zimbabwe Republic Police of hunting down these criminals. As a wing of the Party we do not condone such criminal acts by the heartless, deviant and callous gangs.

In addition, the League encourages the National Prosecution to valiantly oppose bail for those accused until their matters are finalized.

Furthermore, machete wielding gangs are a worse societal evil compared to even cattle rustling and as such should carry severe deterrent sentences like life imprisonment and lengthy sentences. We pray in this regard that Judicial Officers may give the maximum possible sentence for all individuals convicted of crimes involving machetes.

We also further hope the judicial system shall expedite these cases in sentencing, such that any one outside who feel obliged to follow in these terrible ways are quickly discouraged.

As a youth League we embrace the ethos of productivity, peace and unity and we are in solidarity with progressive institutions which are committed to end the wave of criminality by the machete wielding gangs.

Inserted by: Cde Yeukai Simbanegavi
Secretary for Information and Publicity ZANU ( PF) National Youth League


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