The Diaspora meeting held with Dr Gomo ( Principal Director Commissariat)

The Diaspora meeting held with Dr Gomo ( Principal Director Commissariat)

Caucus discussion points:

  1. Inclusion and recognition of Diaspora Structures in Constitution
  • main point of discussion and need to reiterate our wishes as a diaspora community
  1. Diaspora Communication and liaison
  • we will prefer a clearer and easier channel of communication that is uniform to avoid misconceptions, misinformation and also for dissemination of information to all diaspora districts.
  • clear procedures, processes, – – – issues of transport, contributions required, accommodation for delegates, etc
  • Comments were also raised of unfair treatment of other diaspora branches.
  1. Mobilization
  • there‚Äôs a need for training of diaspora cadres to understand party ideologies.
  1. Inclusivity of diaspora in delegation for party meetings and, assemblies, conferences, projects in their respective locations and home.
  2. Diaspora allocation of land
  3. Economic Development & Opportunities at home

Dr commended the work and role the diaspora community are playing.

  1. Presence will be for Diaspora to report / communicate Directly to Commissariat
  2. Mobilizations: next election target win for elections by 65%
  3. Diaspora to come up with a Website or extranet for information sharing with HQ and all departments.
  4. A very clear Diaspora Policy is in process which will cover diaspora policies & intergration issues.
  5. Diaspora leadership to also consider rotational basis for Conference delegates coming from their respective diaspora branches.

Comments by Cde T. Muguti
( National Director Investments & Director Economic Affairs)

  • Party wants to professionalize Zanu PF Membership.
  • Diaspora to take serious their ambassadorial role.
  • Investment Opportunities are available (contact his office anytime)
  • Develop & grow linkages with Ruling parties in their host countries.

In conclusion Dr Gomo is open to accommodate, support and guide us.


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